Cody is a creative and broadcast director, writer, and general ne’er-do-well.

Cody was born in St. Ignatius, MT and grew up all over the Midwest. He graduated from high school in Sturgis, SD and received his BFA from Northern State University in Aberdeen, SD. Cody moved to Minneapolis after a short (homeless) stint in Chicago and worked there as a designer, art-director, actor, director, editor, and general rabble-rouser from 2002 to 2012, where he was also half of the writing/directing team Sidenberg|Tesnow, who directed and produced for SIX-TON Productions. He then went on to be Creative Producer at Neighbor Agency in Los Angeles, and most recently was Director of Content Development at Zealot Networks. He now resides in Venice and contends he was “made in the mountains for the sea.”

His first novel, “Plateau Surfers, or the Explanation of it All” was published in 2004, and is available pretty much nowhere.

For information to be considered for his current project, “Surf & Turf” please contact him. 

Cody likes everything but willful ignorance and offal. You can find him surfing at the pier or sailing on his boat, The Hideout.

If you are interested in Cody writing, directing, creative directing, or drinking, please contact him.

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